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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The H List - The Novel!

A couple of people (Hi Dad!) have suggested that there may be a market out there for The H List to be collated and sold as a book.

Quite what the appeal would be of reliving this particular season in years to come is beyond me but then I am a pessimistic fellow. To that end I would ask you to have a quick vote on the poll to the left.

As The H List is quite a niche readership (we hit double figures last week) I would also ask that any regular readers forward on the link to any other Hammers fans you know. Please do not read that as a request to send it to Michael Dawson, his family or any of his legal representatives.

I have no idea of possible cost so just assume it would be reasonably priced - say £149.99.

Many thanks to those of you who continue to read the increasingly barrel scraping ramblings of a madman.


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Do you think you can get it sold at Upton Park...?

    It's a nice idea, definitely, but, like you say, it could be a bit too niche.

  2. Dunno about the proposed title...

    'The H List - A Tragedy in 38 parts or thereabouts' might be more appropriate.

  3. Dot Cotton2:34 PM

    You'd be better off sticking to what you know best.

    Best Pies & Burgers. A look at all 92 English league grounds.