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Friday, May 26, 2017

The H List: Themes For A Season

I doubt anyone cares, but if you do - here are the themes used for each H List this season:

Watford (h) - The Stone Roses
West Brom (a) - True Detective
West Ham and the Lost Art of Defending - Indiana Jones
Chelsea (h) EFL Cup - Bob Dylan
Everton (a) - William Shakespeare
Stoke (h) - Robert De Niro
West Ham and the Art of the Deal - Neil Young
Spurs (a) - De La Soul
Man Utd (a) - John Steinbeck
Man Utd (a) EFL Cup - Game of Thrones
Arsenal (h) - Fleet Foxes
Liverpool (a) - Tennyson
Burnley (h) - Oasis
Hull (h) - Bruce Springsteen
Swansea (a) - The Pogues
Leicester (a) - Star Wars
Man Utd (h) - William Boyd
Man City (h) FA Cup - Arcade Fire
West Ham and the Fallen Hero - Philip Pullman
Crystal Palace (h) - The Libertines
Middlesbrough (a) - Elbow
Man City (h) - The Wire
Southampton (a) - Michael Connelly
West Brom (h) - The West Wing
Watford (a) - Embrace
Chelsea (h) - Breaking Bad
Bournemouth (a) - The Smiths
Leicester (h) - Billy Bragg
Hull (a) - Hell or High Water
Arsenal (a) - Arctic Monkeys
Swansea (h) - Simon and Garfunkel
Everton (h) - Thomas Hardy 
Stoke (a) - Gram Parsons
Spurs (h) - Richard Hawley
Liverpool (h) - Alt-J
Burnley (a) - Vampire Weekend

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